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Purchasing PPE 


The COVID-19 pandemic has resulted in the demand for PPE to rapidly outstrip supply. Unfortunately, this provides an opportunity for non-complaint, non-certified, or worse, falsely certified PPE to enter the supply chain. Without valid testing and certification to prove it, you cannot be sure the PPE is capable of providing the required levels of protection. Products that carry the relevant certification mark validate conformity with health, safety, and environmental protection standards for products sold within the territory.

This guide has been produced to provide advice and guidance on how to identify compliant and certified PPE. If you would like to understand Standards and CE (European Conformity) Marking, please see our guide to understanding the system of Standards and CE Marking. to advise you on how to identify compliant and certified PPE.

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Quality & Compliance

As the lockdown eases many businesses are faced with the question; how do I keep my employees and customers safe? Whether that is finding ways to maintain social distancing or providing PPE, quality and compliance is something you need to be aware of. 


In the European Economic Area we operate under Conformité Européenne meaning European Conformity and abbreviated to CE. CE marking is a marking on specific products indicating that the manufacturer declares compliance of that product with the relevant European product safety legislation.


When a product is CE marked, it means that the manufacturer has verified compliance with the essential health and safety requirements as indicated in the applicable European Directives and Regulations. By marking the product, the manufacturer takes full responsibility and liability over the product.


This guide has been compiled to help you understand the system of Standards and CE Marking. If you are looking to purchase PPE please see our guide to purchasing compliant and certified PPE.


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PPE Guidance from the UK Government

and Health & Safety Executive

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