Group Temperature Thermal Screening Solutions

Group Temperature Thermal Screening Solutions

Our group temperature screening thermal solutions can detect elevated skin-surface temperatures in moving crowds such as passengers, commuters and customers, with accuracy up to ±0.3°C. 


The temperature range can be determined by the opertator and maintains it’s accuracy in single or group scenarios, providing you with the notifications you need to control access and peace of mind you are looking for.


Our Access Control solutions are tailored to your operating needs. Speak to one of our technology experts today to find the perfect solution for you.


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Real-time temperature screening is achieved using one of our thermal resolution cameras. The camera is selected in consultation with one of our experts.


Once installed the the solution will send elevated temperature alerts to your operations team which they can view in a web browser or on a customer facing display screen.


All cameras have wide angle lenses allowing the temperature of groups of people to be detected, avoiding the need for single-fi le entry and enhancing the customer experience.


Each camera has a temperature accurancy level of ±0.5°C. Accuracy can be increased to ±0.3°C by the addition of a blackbody calibrator. An AI algorithm ensures the temperature is compensated with ambient temperature and the distance of the measured target for better accuracy. AI technology ensures thermographic cameras only detect human skin-surface temperatures to reduce false alarms from other heat sources.


Optional digital signage can be added to allow customers to form part of the facility management solution. The solution provides flexiblity as the chosen camera can be integrated with an on-premise or centralised network video recorder (NVR) or central management and reporting portal (CMRP), according to your needs.

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