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Saliva Collection Kits

Saliva collection research has significantly advanced in recent years, leading to standardised, reliable methods with devices and techniques that produce high integrity saliva samples, allowing for more accurate results.


Hutchison International Saliva Collection Kits have been developed as an easy to use, non-invasive solution for the testing of SARS-CoV-2 and other viruses. Preferable for many donors, this industry recognised procedure minimises risk of infection to health workers due to reduced necessity for handling. The simplicity of the procedure makes this application suitable for field, home and clinic-based sampling.


The kits consist of a sample tube with cap and label, collection funnel and a biohazard bag, with the option to include a transport medium.

Saliva Collection Kits: Tube

The sample collection tube is marked with a volume indicator, making delivery of the optimum volume of sample straightforward.

Saliva Collection Kits: Transport Medium

The optional transport medium increases isolation of high yield, high purity RNA and DNA and extends the period of sample viability.

All Hutchison International Saliva Collection Kits are fully specified for sample transport and storage.

Saliva Collection Kits: Funnel

The funnel simply screws on to the tube for sampling, then is removed and replaced with a leak proof cap for transportation.


Saliva Collection Kits: Sterilisation

The collection kits are sterilised to ensure safe use without risk of infection.


Discover our range of saliva collection devices below.

Our Products: Saliva Collection Kits

Certified for your Protection

All our stock is approved using ISO Certified Manufacturers providing full confidence in the quality and authenticity of our products.  


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