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Facilitating Medical Product Design with Shore

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A product design company wanting to pivot to offer pharma products


The Challenge

Shore were pivoting to focus on designing products for the pharma industry and needed a partner who could help them provide an end-to-end solution. They had product design expertise in-house already but needed to add manufacturing and other supply chain services that were certified for medical products.

The Solution

We partnered with Shore to develop a range of medical products, including medical software, apps and electronics. 

Thanks to our ISO13485 medical quality assured team on the ground in China we were in a strong position to partner with Shore to help manufacture and deliver their designs.

Our ISO13485 medical quality assured team in China audited factories directly to inspect the products, validate the quality, and negotiate the most competitive price.

Supported by a global network of partners, we were in a strong position to quickly adapt our existing medical-accredited production facilities and supply chain to meet Shore's requirements.​

  1. Partnered with them to develop software, apps and electronics

  2. Used our supply chain to manufacture these goods

  3. Used our global shipping expertise to manage order fulfilment to different countries on behalf of the end customer

ISO13485 credited supplier and supply chain - needed for medical projects

Cost-saving again due to our supply chain 

Medical trainer products 

We have provided a number of services to shore 

ISO 13485 accredited supplier 

ISO 13485 accredited supply chain 

Partnered with Shore to develop 

  1. Software 

  2. Apps 

  3. Electronics 

Used our supply chain to manufacturer these goods 

Used our global shipping expertise to manage order fulfilment on behalf of the end customer 

Products Developed

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Baqsimi Nasal

Spray Device


3 x Invegra


swab kit@1000px.png

Spravato Medical



The Result

By partnering with Hutchison, Shore were able to offer the complete end-to-end service to Johnson and Lilly etc. From concept design to order fulfilment ​

  1. Medical trainer products

  2. Shore are now able to offer a complete end-to-end service for pharma customers

Client Feedback

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Working with the team at Hutchison Technologies on the development of an electronic medical training device was both enjoyable and rewarding. Their flexible & responsive approach delivered a quality assured product which exceeded our expectations and all within the very tight timescales required. We have now released the product into 80 countries thanks to Hutchison Technologies ongoing support.

Gordon Beattie | National Procurement Director at NHS NSS


We develop, manufacture and deliver clinical products for international medical brands and UK government.


We remain agile in an ever-changing industry through our established innovation centres and global supply chain, put in place over thirty years.

​No matter what the requirement or application, we have the expertise to help.