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Hutchison International's Disposable Sampling Swabs provide optimal specimen collection from the oral cavity, throat and nasopharynx. 

Scientific research has shown that flocked swabs significantly improve the quantity of sample collected and released, increasing the sensitivity of various diagnostic tests and improving the quality of diagnostics. Hutchison Flocked Swabs are available in a range of models with breakpoints at varying lengths to suit our clients’ requirements.

Disposable Sampling Swabs: Shaft

The shaft is made with durable, medical-grade plastics (PP or ABS), ensuring the swab can be used to safely collect samples without risk of unintentional breaking. 

Disposable Sampling Swabs: Breakpoint

The moulded breakpoint guarantees the swab shaft breaks cleanly and safely at the correct length to suit the sample collection


This feature is also compatible with tubes featuring a swab capture cap, facilitating sample removal with minimal handling. The swab tip is constructed using jet embedded nylon flock technology, which employs an electrostatic charge to attach millions of nylon microfibres perpendicularly to the swab shaft.

Disposable Sampling Swabs: Fibres

The fibres serve as a soft brush, improving specimen collection with increased yields of high-quality RNA samples for testing of SARS-CoV-2 and other viruses. Hydraulic assimilation of liquid specimens is promoted through a capillary effect between the fibre strands.


As there is no absorbent core the full sample is rapidly released into transport media.


All Hutchison International swabs are sterilised to ensure safe use without risk of infection and individually packed in easy peel open packets.

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Certified for your Protection

All our stock is approved using ISO Certified Manufacturers providing full confidence in the quality and authenticity of our products.  


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