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Universal Saliva

Collection Funnel

Saliva collection research has significantly advanced in recent years, leading to standardised, reliable methods with devices and techniques that produce high integrity saliva samples, allowing for more accurate results.


Hutchison International Universal Saliva Collection Funnels are compatible with a wide range of sample tubes and facilitate a quick and easy saliva transfer.

Universal Saliva Collection Funnel: Design 

Designed for non-invasive saliva sample collection applications for coronavirus (COVID-19), influenza, bird flu, hand-foot-and-mouth disease (HFMD) and measles.

Universal Saliva Collection Funnel: Assembly 

The funnels feature a simple push-on, pull-off assembly, which holds them securely in place during sample collection.

Universal Saliva Collection Funnel: Removal

The risk of sample contamination is reduced, thanks to easy funnel removal post sample collection, which requires minimal handling.

Universal Saliva Collection Funnel: Procedure

The simple, non-invasive procedure ensures patient comfort, reduces risk of infection for health workers and maintains sample viability until testing.

Universal Saliva Collection Funnel: Sterilisation

All Hutchison International Universal Collection Funnels are sterilised to ensure safe use without risk of infection.

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Certified for your Protection

All our stock is approved using ISO Certified Manufacturers providing full confidence in the quality and authenticity of our products.  


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